Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Follow your heart but make sure its written in Thinkingaboot paper

The modern world has
no room for love
its bank accounts
and cars
and forclosures
and divorce
based upon lies

There was a time
I grew up then
when people fell
in love and it was
and money ment
nothing cause the
most important
thing in life
was being beside
that person
that you really 

Today its all
something differant
the old 80
20 rule
and its not
on the love
of the old
slide rule

Most ancient civilatioss
and rich people in genereal
dont believe in love
they match you up
in an idustrial ways
to produce good

Is this not really what
this election is all about
you got Trump who
will feel your crotch
and Hillary who
never had one

Love is bold
Love dont care
about anything
its the the the the
thing that 
makes us human
and it cant be programmed
or predictied
and its not
carved in stone
but while its in effect
a true welcome with
open arms
alien effect

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