Thursday, 6 October 2016

Why treat us like idots?

Maybe we are idiots? There is a good argument to be made that Hillary is better suited to lead the USA for at least the next four years. Every candidate is human, anyone flying to be the doppelganger President of the United States of America has enough baggage to overwhelm even the worlds most efficient airport. The nice thing about Trump is that he plays it straight. Hillary on the other hand is such a condescending panda bear that it will probably cost her the election. The mainstream media is ignoring all her flaws, but I believe the holi poli can see she is not holy.

Item one. Adorable 15 year old girl lobs a softball question about body image at the Kevlar pant suit. Yeah one of the deleted emails was a want add for an adorable 15 year old who has no body images.

Item two. At least one major interview is proven to be a total setup. Hildebeast is fed the questions weeks in advance. Now its all conjecture but the idea that she knew what was ahead at the first debate is not wild conjecture.

I could fill the total capacity of dropbox with examples of Hillary phoniness, hypocrisy and truthyness, but in the end the voters will decide.

I guess the masters of war think we all forgot about the war in Iraq. We now have the New York Times once again cheer leading for humanitarian intervention in Syria. Lets just forget the opposition, the beloved rebels in Syria are ISIS. The latest logic bomb from justification is that if Assad takes Aleppo the rebels will be so mad it will make terrorism worse. Call me not befuddled just intellectually insulted.

What looks like the worst thing or the best thing ever on paper is certainly worth guidance, but until the words are made into flesh there is no way to predict any outcome.  Assad very bad lad, ISIS bloodthirsty fanatics, choose. Trump a clown a con man a person who will likely make a Trillion dollars from being President, Hillary a lying neocon person of great ambition and no accomplishments to date chose.

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