Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thousand mile stare at Trump

Exculisve unobtainable Canada Eh Tee

This is my response to a post on a neat new blog I enjoy. It has lawyers guns and money. The author does a hands up dont shoot takedown of the Donald. I am all Donald lives matter.

Years before Trump applied to be President I derided him as a symbol of the worst of American grifters. That was before the Clintons made him look like a three tent carnival barker.
The Arab spring has proven there is no democratic heart beating in middle east revolutions. There is no non radical Syrian opposition. Its Sharia law or death. Cynics would say Alleppo is important only as the terminus of a pipeline for gas from Qtar. (Termius from the Walking dead proves Hillary is a cannibal)Following this line Trump’s gut instincts are the peoples choice.
Where is wikileaks getting the emails? I doubt its the Russians. They dont fit the profile. Putin is too smart to pick sides in a US election.
The US has spent 3 trillion dollars pounding sand in Iraq and Afghanistan, again Trump raging against NATO has teeth. Why should America bleed out for the world, it needs blood donors or maybe thinkaboot why give blood?

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