Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Evil grows with purity lies

Absolute truth is pretty much all
scientific and the closest
political arrangement we
have to that is communism
and I predict a comeback

Libertarian communism will
save the day
we all live off the grid
with green house appliance
no larger than a dishwasher
and printed food
giving us nutrition
our body wastes
are processed for 
their heavy metals
and phosphates
and its all a big 
cycle of life

We could do this all today
we got enough money
and the know how
but the power players
say no
to life 
so power adverse
that somehow
there is no master
and not salute
nobody dresses
up to meet
you and everyone
is not interested
whats beneath your skirt

Today in the USA 
we have the creepy clown
facing off with the corporitus Harpie
and the voters 
are facing the ticking time bomb
no good decision
someone is going to die
big parts of the collective
are going to be destroyed
no matter who comes down
first on the ballot side

Ye shall know them by 
their associates
Trump has none
Hillary has everyone
and thats why I say
vote Trump
because it will 
take evil a few 
years to get back
in play.

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