Thursday, 13 October 2016

Greatest Jew since Jesus

This is a personal challage
I am not going to google anything
because like navigation in a car
using google as a backstop for
native intelligence
is going to make
you a shepple
faster than
slavery circumstance

Great Jews I know personally
these are pretty few
my college roomate
a privileged child
named Howie
and a internet lawyer

So the gold standard is Jesus
what a mother fucking
imaculate jew.
The only way possible
due to human bioligy
that God could bring
him to us without sex
was pre cognative
in the womb

Great Jews I have enjoyed
now this is not a German
upscale menu
that was a fucking cheap
shot at the nation and the people
that fried millions of people
and it gave them
centuries of blowback

I lived 7 years in Austria
the birthplace of Hitler
so no matter how
hard the Austrains
when he was in Austria
he was more than
a mahler (painter)

Hilter was a Trump
and he had something
to hang on
So the guilty should
be hung
but in post WW2
the Jews where
all Kardashian

All Kardashian in a good
like Singapore today
and the people
who did not
where all Jennifer Aliston
with reapating rifles
but I got to say
the whole Germans
are evil and Jews died
narritive escapes the nuance
that Germans are the worlds
greatest people

Killing six million Jews
aside from the fact it
was very expensive
is a horror story
that every human
shoud be shown
on birth and taught
to understand
we humans are
capable of
outstanding acts
on both side
but to kill
the most
is insanity
and even if your
side wins
for a while
we live on a sailboat
and you have just
hit us with a big wave

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