Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bob Dylan and the Nobel legacy

Nobel was looking for atonement
when he created his gift
this measurement
for humanity and
its been pretty good
but not perfect
I believe both
Yasser Arafat
and Barrack Obama
won one for peace
and that's a travesty

The Swedes are complaisant
in the persecution of
Julian Assuage
for maybe 
Mr Dylan is going
to say to the world
you cant pull me 
down into the hole 
your in
I will not legitimise
the censorship
the hypocrosy
that comes
with kissing 
your ring
I am beyond that
I am 
not saint
sure a sinner
but overall
one of the best
ever coveredall
living things

Every institution on the
planet has crashed
and the Nobel Institute
just realised 
is responsible
at the top
to many banquets
and tee totalling
the world
was in full

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