Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Ballad of Donald Trump

Yes he was born rich
rich like the rain
that will always
fall to earth
and grow green
and I should
commit suicide
because I cant
like that pasture
because thats
the way it was
and the way it
will always

Unlike his peers
he did not go
to upstream
he just remained
a 60's asshole
which in the hole
war on the world
is a guy you would
want in a foxhole
in a Zombie apoclylsre
but otherwise
easy to despise

Man and woeman
are never equal
thats bioloic;
and if you want
to bring lawsuits
to prove your
a bitch
go forward
to scratch that itch

I have never done
anything naughty
but thinkingaboot
everything there
is a chance a could

this is not a crime
it not national new
its humam  interatction
since time stood still
and I will tell my
daugher slujg
and the bad
man will go away
unless its something
more pistal
then shoot
to death
that bad clown

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