Thursday, 11 August 2016

I was thinkingaboot lies myself

Japan in every way good or bad is a generations ahead

Liberty Blitzkrieg wiped me out before I got to punch lighting war on an intellectual scale where light is our only candle in a world with dark nets deep goverments and every other menance to life love and happynees that no won will prevent Trump is incablable as pointed out of being coherent he does not drink or do alchool cause his mind is naturally on LSD you laugh' but look how he is flying and compare that trip to you and me Hillary on the other hand is ORWELLIAN so hard the authours estaste should sue her for copywright infringment 29 will you take that case? If Hillary really wanted to be the little girl of her dreams who became the President of the United States she would just stop lying and start with some truths but that would be all Al Gore incovient and deep goverment six feet down with a star on the wall for attempting to walk instead of crawl Trump is a way better liar than Hillary and his lies are all mostly rehtoric Hillary lies are all about how she got to be the canditate and all the bodies in the dictch just because 6 seconds over Tokyo and life changed forever but maybe it was more dramatic than that like a bullfight where the red flag was thrown and while the stadium filled with blood the real people saw a total flood of converts to the position they were as close as humans get to Gods on Earth ed note, my spelling problems have moved to formatting, so it goes, so it goes

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