Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wakjbg dwobn tgat street yioy grew tinatatio

tiy wakubg
no walking
thats what I do
down your strett
so do not take a
rainbow painted
pony childhood
toy piss on me

I pissed myseld so
many times all
you activist
should knw
that pissing on me
will never come close
to dropping the dime
hey eh hey ehey
I watch your lips
and know'
the truth
and what your
say are
decades away
from any narrative
from the lone guman
or truth tellers
at area 54
and we know
its 51
but as everything is rainbows
at the fedreal level
we can switch a number up
and they will not know if its
September or November
and equally depending
upon the merdian
will not give
a local dam.

Turthe Truth
can we just not have
Turth cause we love
a cat fitght to much

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