Thursday, 25 August 2016

Isreal Trump and the Game of Hearts and Minds

I have spent a lifetime in preperation
for what I am about to say
I am like Bob Dylan
I know my song well
and now I will start

Anyone who disagrees
with me I will be charitable
and call them ignorant
because if you disagree
with me
you better
have very strong evidence
or I will label you
along with 80% of the population
and at the least misinformed.

There is a Zika virus
for the brain
its carried
by your parents
and its very difficult
to escape the reign
of whatever bullshit
religion they practice

If your not familar
as am I with mathicmatics
the basic principle
is that it is

You got to think about
more than fingers and toes
when counting cocuonts
and who needs more
than twenty of those

Yeah the lizard brain
does not like math
because it interfers
with the basic OS

Intelligence is a virus
and its not catching
we had a spell
in the 18th century
where is was viral
but the inocullated
have mostly beat that
all back to the dark
for joe six pack

Climate scientest
can give you and exact date
of when it all went wrong
It was 1958 the year
I was born
and if that does not convice
you I am accurate
nothing will

In the words of our greatest
living thinker
Dr Phil
you got to stop that CO2 kill

On the bright side
CO2 is a slow killer
humankind has
at least half a century
to slowly suffacate
but whats hot right
now is nuclear war

Now you may be thinking aboot
the cold war and its climax
Russia had condoms built out
of cardboard and the capitalist
ejaculate biodegraded them
big time

With no more Soviet porn
the big ejaculators
went through
a few weeks of misery
in fact they were
observed as
and the world
because althought
most like
up the ass
is by any measure

Mark me as bonnie prince charlie
often says in the wonderful
historical fiction Outlander
the world would gladly
do anal with America
despite their prudent
nature because this
was the best ass
humans had ever
produced by far

What changed was WW2
and although in comparison
America took a kick in the balls
compared to decapitatioin
it changed the way
the Lizards
could talk to the people
were as once they
could be denouced
as shammans beating
a drum to keep
tigers out of the classroom
everyone you knew
had lost a son or a brother
and thats not politically
correct because
IMHO they kept
women out
of combat
not to deny lots
of women in uniform
died in WW2

Bombshell Bombshell Bomshell
if you come from the Austrian School
of Economics
or you are just a plain fool
you might think
that to make
an omlette
you got to break
a thousand eggs
to get the\
perfect texture
and if you want
to saddle up to
the breakfast
at any five star
the breakage
is expontential
collatoral damage
for the hens

Shape ing the battlefield
for your lizard minds
is what I have been doing
and now you decide
if I have been successful
or I am just an old fool
that some at that time
accredited university
decide that I had
a GOOD mind

One thing one world one thing you gotta know
the city has been the city
since the time the romans ruled
and the city yes that shuttered
forever locked down city
lines up humanity every day
and decides who will die
and who will take the shit
of the deadman in that row

So we believe that Jesus
with all his magic
decided to die
a virgin
because he loved
the world so much
that a narrative in the book
that has been for hundreds
of years a top seller
Oh My God
is there no wonder
in anyone
why the world today
is so fucked
because we refer
to fairy tales
so often
it makes
life what nature
would consider
the anti christ

If your a Christian and you have foreskin
cut it off right now or become a Pastifarian
like me.
I was never circumsised or by a fluke of
predujuce baptiased
or maybe because the congragation
realize I was not Steve
I was totally Damion

Its a fact
Contintince invented Christianty
whole cloth
and you have to admit
he was the greatest
salesman in history

Now I got to attack the first testament
or the Koran as I know it
you may call it the Torah
but it makes no differance
they all refer to each other
like some cabal
of expensene denier
by the auditor

I have a foreskin
its not pretty
something that Riddley
Scott was inspired
by when he
made Aliens

I have no way of knowing
if you continue to read me
I will not burst from your
chest cavity
but chances are
it will not happen

Are you warm now
to my thought process
yes my crazy thoughts
are a suduction
because I am about
to introduce to you
thought that if it was
in a porn movie
would be anal
and I just wanted
to make a progessive
liberal sex toy

Just an asid
how come
there are no
male sex toys
can I bring this
to the Shark Tank
and make a billion

Have you ever taken
a trail where there is no
going back?
I did this on the great wall
of China.
I was hanging
and thought I would never
go back and if the forensic
team was not good enough
I would just be anthor
dead communist
who did not escape
that wall

If your still reading
it proves at least your
and I think that
is the brand of a human
who is genours
in thought
and likely in
if they can put
a govener on that 300hp
engine enough to drive
safely in a 100 kilomiter
and hour world
if they cant
they should be clever
enought to move to Germany
and is that not a testament
to how fucked up
the rule of law
is in America
and by little brother
sticking up Canada
and in Mexico
they just shoot you
for having an opioion

Back to the title
cause the title is vittle
vittle vittle vittel titel\
if you want to understand
you got to walk back Kardashian
and pick up the cod
at Mcgiver

If you have hung in and read this long
I salute you
you are true patriots of explanation
or very bord

I read all kinds of stupid stuff
because I have discoverd
not throght gentics
but through personal
experience I am easily

Okay my friend you have
done it all
maybe your bILL Gates
or Eldon Mush
or Larry Ellison
or something
we call success
many times worse
and I would call
all those quoted
above in our
world superheros
do not diss
them in any
way or Karma
will shut your
a hole

Now I pres pres
I make my statement
aboot something
everyone fears to

Its going to be condensed
and some will say hateful
but its the truth as I know
it about the Donald
and Isreal, and they are both
the same in my domain]\
moving in differant directions
I hope but with fundementals
based upon fantasy
that came
execpt to be living long time
not enough honey
no matter
what straw
they suck
the public through

So we are talking about
a person a village
a city
not about extermination

So when Turmp
I hear
Isreal must not die
no matter what
or so may war\
we live becaue
we are more moral;\\\
than the rest\annd
the only thing
that gives
me pause
is what must be considere
the most succesfu
rule amongst all the pundents
is the Chinese
six thousand years
of succes
with onl
cutting your cock off
standing in the way
do you have a mind
that thinks that
is intellecutualyu

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