Saturday, 20 August 2016

Scientific Clothing is something I always thinkaboot

I could have invented the modern hiking boots cause I have a pair of 
pristine red laces and all 
70's Swiss impostors in my closet waiting
for the time
that fashion
comfortable underwear

I bought out SunICE before
Canda Goose even
knew a skier was alive
and I still say
Goose quill

Man I have progressed from
whitey tighties
to underarmour
ploly spandex
and my cotton above
all cry has been
made to look
silly by polarfleece
and all the other blends
that have
some I can even wear
for a day
and not stink
like a bad polyester

For you late adaptors 
Mountain Warehouse fills your boots
for half price.
21st century goods
at 18th century price
with all the best
textile tech the British
are famous for.

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