Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lies on ICE

Some people comment
upon things they
know nothing aboot
and I am often guilty
but when it comes to hockey
I am like every fan
an expert

Expert knowlege
won the old fashion
way with smelly
bags of plastic
leather and wool
and a drive
to another arena

Anallitics are like
porn for atheletes
it looks good
for a moment
but its not life
on ice

Moneyball is
round and you
can throw it
at the wall and it
will stick
but hockey
is vertical
and slippery
and stats
do not matter
as much as the heart
of the matter
not the size
of the sample

If you get to the NHL
your a player
these days
no cement head
with hands
of fury
you gotta have
a great stick
and legs
that can stride
200 feet
back and forth
on glide

This is fire on ice
my friends
this is the Club du Montreal
and its a crime
we do not have the first

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