Saturday, 20 August 2016

If one above could draw a straight line mine would be close to perfect

Pre augmentation

Meanwhile on the sub down below
all the valves are blowing steam
an it looks like the climack
of Das Boot

So hard to be self aware
in the days of the selfie
but I manage
with my dial up

Great Movies make
great civilisations
and that was a real
factor in
but great minds
realise it was mostly
and there were
no good guys
on either side

There used to be good
guys they stared
in every western
to bad in real life
we all have feet
of clay
that is except me
if you take me as
your leader
I will blow my
trumpet and
all the blues
will move

I am a history major
with a fucked up mind
but I think I understand everything
because that was some devils
to make me an observer
when I should have participated
harder and died
because of the stress
of lying all the time

Yeah I am your best bet
not perfect
my six pack
is waiting at the beer
and my mind
is something Microsoft
wants to capture
but windows ten
declined at this

I really got it all figured
out if anyone would listen
its just institute what
we now know works
and do not listen
to the mind dead
the Zombies
of evolution
who can not
see that when every
human is an institution
we will make
some good drugs
and other inventions
that will serve all the
people on this planet equally
without magic
from above
sky god
in particular
mine is full
of spaghetti
and that's

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  1. thats another Canda Eh! T for sure , hey Joe Fresh I am willing to make a deal