Thursday, 11 August 2016

Chicago a 24 a Small dime and sunglasses pre hybrid

Okay I get you blues kickers
we are living in a world
where even our fantasis
are no longer politically
because of all
your dream trips
in your human life
the coral
reeef is dying
a ltittle more
sunday morning comming down
cause there is notthing in this world
as I can tifest
to a wanking wonder world Sam Stock
with all thats in store
and all the broken
synaps made the world
exactly as could tell
pretty much just as
I could make it

So come on Chigacho
show me some of
that center
of railway space
where everyone
wanted to travel to
and teh worlds
tallest pure capitalist
erected structure the former
Sears vehicle
to climb above
the atmosphere beyond
it was sustainable
and thus the big
trophy was sold
to someone
who knows which one
cause you know
what used to be called rich
has been all monitized
and dilverable on a broad
platform like the app you
buy if your WWW complex
incyrpeted ass
includes some real reason
to not all reveal
like the losers
wanna be
showing everything
expecting nothing
except an instant
one in a Shanghia lifetime
and when I say
that I do not mean to
be pretentikous
but in some semblacnce
of order
I must say ZEn
Zen Zen Z  Zen
it comes to me again
that in every challange
there is every oporrtuigy
to become a Zen warrior
and slays the Zombies of the mind
that want to slay my planet
dead. Ironiclly just because on the
investment horizen it means
today they would be the walking
and they hedge that outcome
by putting it off into your
tommorowww  toeotemd

morrow morrow like
springtime for Monsenta'w
with GMO diesease
and the cocks will not crow
and the hens will not
lay and thats
the willing voice
of the people today
cause who can carrry
on in the condition
we were born for
modern digital
as every has
been planned
by a white man
who as you know
invented everthing
and lets give
a special shout out
from the days where
America has four scores
and more FEMA
caps set up as back ups
from something
almost every think tank
its going to be well
over a hundred deegrees
in place where
billions of people
will have to flee
and God help
the world
we are all like
polar bears on an ICE
flow doing the useal
to intelleignec
and letting
all other
powers fade
to black as the power
to go forward
is to lack
when always
with one foot
you push the gas
and the other the brakes
but in the end horsepower
turns friction into
a brake job a
nann  and it costs
a bit
but its simple and
easliy repeateable
unlike horsepower
which in todays
interal cumpustable
engines is very complex
but from the view point of
a futuris
a great compleinemt
to the electric
cause we were all wrong
about everthing for
a long time

Lighting was not just great
it was a message from home
it started off how do you don
and as the stroms got worse
like trying to get your attention
by tailgateing the envioroment
we carried on impeviourius to the warrnigs
of Thor and Rangor Longthebrooke
though I go t to say after France
I would thinkaboot I was following
him the wrong way

Hy Hy Hy hydorogeen
its the the only element
we can depend upon
to keep our modern civilizations
you know six millions of years of
humans have failed and we
are the sixth generation
and looks like
we are not going to leave
this comming event alive
because we  push facts aside
so easy
cause if we knew the truth
who could
judge and no person
could claim to
be above anyone
human a
no matter what kind
makes red red wine
the best kind
that comes to mind
everytime I think of
I thinkabooot you
and thats why I
am always true
and in love with you

Now lets move from
games of the heart
to games of the prolitarets
and the trotkies and other
elements of the commusist party
that have over taken America
it was a Cold WAR FX
that even Lenin would
every agreee
could happen in an happy
capitalist society
yet it did and
now we
wait for Comrade
Hillary to take
the Silver Plate
as the untimale concussion
of the former USSR
as the Beatles said
its good to be back in the USSR
and Hillary is the manchurian
canditate in reverse
and Trump is just happy
every day he finds
a gear
and they call it democracy

A souless dragon queen
whose daggers know
no wonder
vs a born meglomanaic
who into todays world
is the perfect president
[precendent cumming
as advertised
I expect that the winner
gives the best
facial regonition
to the zietgiest of
the voter
and that
to get really elected
not just really
cause of a famous
should be electrifying
thinkinaboot how
to improve the human
condition with your
current position
and your promise
to work to make
your world be
our way

In Toto its not quite
twenty years since
she went away
but every day
I live that dream
so Rossanna
I moved on
I went away

Chi Chi
still waiting for the cylinders
on the gun to get as cool
as the shells that
lay on the ground
in murder city
and we should
all want to cure
that cancer
cause in todays
world wher
is nuts
it could mean

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