Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Trump Clubs the Hildebeast in Public

Where can I start with Trump. I wrote many a scathing blog about him somewhere but in summary he is a combo of Brother Loves travelling ministry mixed with PT Barnum and Andrew Carnegie. Love him or hate him he is a force of nature. He is Suri Genurs in the flesh welcoming the decision if its flesh of the devil or flesh of an Angel? Not to run my narrative into the ditch but when it comes to Hillary there is no decision. As it turns out the devil wears Prada pant suits.

To nite he was brother love protzilizing immigration as the greatest sin to ever
walk unencumbered on the remarkable American portrait, wearing no shoes
and muddy stinky feet.

I did not deliberately listen to his bombast
no I have a third world job
in a first world country
and another shift
of wage slavery
ends late for
and I caught
him on AM radio
cause I just cant
stand one more
to advertising
just like Aeorsmith
died the day
they belted out
for mothers ageist 
drunk driving
this is the safest
of rebellioon
given to us
by heroin addicts
who have chauffeured
to take the fall

What the Donald did 
is make an argument
that is brick wall
that concussion
victim Hillary
dare not bash
her head against

You see giving money
to foundations
and not following
laws may not put you
in prison
because your above the 
But ask Steven Segal
if he did not come back
from purgatory
to slay so many
if he could not
be the hero
in Hillarys story

Trump had a ten point plan
it was lucid and followed
logical outcomes
and he ends the night
with a stage full
of victims
of inaction
on sensible immigration
and there is no one in America
or any country today
that could argue
agaist the argument
he gave
balls in your court Hillary
you dont play basketball
because you
old white women
who are out of gas
do not jump

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