Thursday, 1 September 2016

Every day I wake up with a screaming woody

Every day I wake up
and all the headlines
are screaming at me
just give up

I shower and shave at 
least once a week
and never comb 
my hair because
at over fifty
its my greatest
visible success

I go to the intellectual
slave mind chopshop
and become the sharp
end of the spear
for a corporation
a long way from here
that just does not
my job is to
keep the consumer
from being self aware

I am a talker
and talking 10 to 24 hours
a day to the American mind
is expanding
my Zeitgeist
to the point
of singularity
and I now
have visions

They are black and white
there is no grey in 
the future
either pink and pretty
or red and dead
both are the colours
of blood
and blood will flow
before the final
sewage treatment
plant can be put
in place to handle
all the excrement

We clever monkeys 
are so close to nirvana
we just got share
the bananas better
and stop
believing in Santa Clause
because he is really
and sitting right next to you
yes its your neighbour
the person giving you coffee
the police officer
that's Santa Clause

Building societies is tough
like herding cats
on acid
but it can be
if we all
believe enough
in whats the frequency

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