Thursday, 1 September 2016

Catch a giant shrimp or die trying!drunken-shrimp/zoom/mainPage/dataItem-ikuer5ux

I don't want to be cynical but I studied history and you have to go with the evidence so far. What I recognise like many true believers is between the cracks humanity grows. If someone was not making so much money about telling everyone how bad off they are we would see we are living in a golden age.

The future is uncertain and the past is always dead. I thinkaboot things alot. I have never been shy about being myself with the sheeple. I do not think anyone is sub human
but most people are easily lead. We could do a test for this
at an early age, are you curious? If your not curious your intellectually dead and cannon fodder for the civil war
between the warlords and the common good.

The Euros have this pretty much figured out. It took centuries of GOT existence to place them in a pretty picture.
For a people that have always won or at the least got a trophy at the end of the day life is different dangers nasty
brutish and short.

I could tell you about all the obstacles in my life. I never knew my father I had a single mother(was brought up by her sister) and to be really honest with you it as far as I know myself mattered one bit and I dont care about genetic feelings. Nevertheless I am white trash, and like white punks on dope see no reason to be ashamed of that.

I have had so many brilliant ideas and many of them brought to fruition by others because I was not good on the 
ground. I even had a patent ripped off from me by a former company but I left that behind the day they gave me a quarter mill to seek new ground.

The intersection of interaction is the holy grail of traffic.
Crowd sourced statistics for sports could be a billion dollar
idea. No one but me could have thought of that and no one will for some time. However it is so obvious just like when Micheal Jackson leaned us its History.

Execution for me is a weakness
I would have never survived
the French revolution.

I know I need to develop the app and bring it too
the marketplace in order to get value
I know that the guy who sold Bill Gates
Dos for 50 grand regrets it.

The Chinese say that to start your own 
is to jump into the ocean
it may kill you
or give you giant shrimp.

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