Thursday, 22 September 2016

Racism and acceptance and the chance at a beautiful world

You do not want to own this picture

I was born all white
a Hungarian father
and a Finnish wife
they both left \
me before I was barely
and it was other white
people that let
me survieve
and I loved them deeply
and maybe never
forgave my parents
but I still thank them
for life

I like being white
I like my skin
I am extremely comfortable
I have seen its power
and wonder
is it our culture
or the power of the
vulture that likes
to eat the white meat
and leave the rest aside

Black and Brown and even
Indians and Pakasitains
Koreans and Japanes
want to be white to be beautiful
and sub cultures of skin culture
exist within this parable
of Kardashian beauty
cause I will tell you
totally white bread
no women who I think
is Gods greatest creation
would ever be the last
one I lead to bed
based upon skin
color and I would likely
chatise any bride that wanted
to be lighter to make
me happy

But I am white and its easy
for me to say
I gotta thinkabout this
in my own way and
conclude its little to do
with color and what hangs
at the louver
its what has been succesfu;
at making humans
lugeful at the moon
and the planets and everhting
white people are Gods
because they have accomplished
so much
but most of the patents belong to Jews
who are a brown statistically bunch
still beautiful
as a Natilie Portman supermodel lunch

I am not puzzled why white people hate the Jews
after all they killed Jesus, you can deny it but its
written in Gods words in the Bible.
Every whip every insult that cumulated in the \
holocust was programmed into white people in the
new testament.

So when the black man or African thinks
they have had a bad trip
under the white mans whip
they should consult with the Jews

I was fortunate enough to grow up
in a world that had only four Jews
and no black people. Does this sound
racist to you?

Well let me add to your parinoid
KKK feelings of Steve
is all clan

I had no idea what a Gay was
before I went to Toronto
and saw on Church street
1976 men holding hands
and teddy bears sticking
out of the pockets on their
t shirts. After seeing that I
wanted nothing more than to come
back on Hallowen and throw
eggs at these deviants
but to tell the truth
despite the fact these
big city people lived
in sin
I was never
going to waste money
on a dozen eggs
to throw at queers

Some of my childhood friends
went global early and man
they got climate change
and now a hundred thousand
years early I admire
how they told
us there is no
Santa Clause
its Grampus

Archie Bunker
thats me today
I am a racist
who embraces
humanity in the
best way

No one can say
this is the truth
this is the solution
this is th et  truth

We all make mistakes
we are all human
we all delveloped
from great apes

I am a white man
I control the world
but I am doing a fucked
up job and if GOD
had a evaluation
I know I would
be fired post haste
and would not get
no pension
no golden parachute
just an insripton
on the gates
of hell that
I was worse
than that

Oy oy jeh my\
of confusion
or ignorance
but that the
way I be
today despite
my best efforts
I have DNA
and a lizard
and now in Edward Snowden
sequence I will confess
and never fear being a race traitor
because I feel
most white people
would confess
cause we are confused
whey cant you just
be like us?

Lets start with the fucking Jews
the Iluminati and the whole
Syagoge simulations
designed to suck the private
out of our lives.

Its a mguffin
yeah Jews made
movies and fantasy
lets hold that against'
because if we never
dreamed we never
would have realized
against some pole
or some handcuffs
we were forever cast

Now it took the Jews
thousands of years
to throw off the chains
and I am still trying to
do it after 58 years today
with little success
but even with my limited
math skills wonder
if I can do in a lifetime
what took the Jews at least
several millimiun.

The Jews the Jews
its always been through
my white history
that the Jews killed
making them the ultimate
Hey baby we do not like
the people who killed Jesus
cause thats pretty
powerful if you think
about it in mob
they did a hit on Jesus
the son of God
and dammit
where successful
God must be great
because he never
did a hit
on the goodfelles
who did his son

I gonna be racist now
man I got one toke
I love Bob Marley
I love Denzel Washington
maybe I would like
to have sexual
with Riannna
but at
the end of the day
I want to be white
I have no problem]
with blacks being black
but I want to be white
I do not want any
scale tipped due to color
and btw the CHines
are going to lap both
of us while we are
admiring our dicks
and the first thing
the CHinese are
going to to
when they takeover
is lope that one
eyed spitting whale

Men are so proud
and so stupid
like John Snow
we would not
try and make
a pit bull
into a labradour
and humans
are all on
this ride

White people are
epic fuck up
but other colured
never even
tried to counter
and we welcome
their intelligent
and I will tell
you know
and forever
I have not a racsist
bone in my body
and fear the holocust
for everyone
and love as
as a person
and I have
travelled most
and love is
all I got in
every country
is a K street orgasm

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