Thursday, 15 September 2016

Yoou think I am crasy ponder all the insane shit

Do not know where to start
the informatin is so John Stark
and winter is not comming
its here

Lets stat with the Kamakazie
and never say they were cowards
they decied to blow up real
good for a special cause

Todays we have that insanity
spread worldwide
like killing yourself
will change anything
for the better
fact of the matter
it will make things
not just for your family
who will miss
but for the world
who will wonder
how to make
this nihilistic
killing end

I am so diverse
I am no longer human
I am a citizen of the galaxy
serving the Pastafrian God
who wants perfect
without bloodshed

If you think God wants
thats a dead end

Education is the relief of the nation
and we are renewed with each generation
and that is our legacy
on this rock
we call earth

There may be Gods
its a fact I cant discount
as athiest as I am
I got to admit I have
a fatilist guilty pleasure
and it has severd
me well
and I hope it contiunes
but today I am in 
a living hell
and do not prey
I just use my resouces
to get me to the astral
where humanity
will know my name
and I will party with
the Kardashiahs and make
a fortune leaking storys
about her artificail tits

If God told you something
it should be a scientific proof
and this is a religion to which
I should belong
but there are no truths
in the ancient texts that
are science based

I am a Joker
a midnight smoker
and looking at 
the religious
God must have been
a midnight toker

Religion and culture are all 
rapped together is some way
but lets take the good
and flush the bad
in a Bob Dylan way

If you ban Christmas to
make me sad
as a result of my leglisltaion
I will still believe
in Santa Clause
and give persents
and will take
the chance
that the authoritavie
will not send me to prision
for believeg 
Jesus has 
nine lives
cause he is the son of
and the world 
never gave him the 
time to
give bread and fishes
to the massives

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