Monday, 26 September 2016

Hillary VS Trump

What Hillary will look like.
Is she even alive? Where is this woman? Phony calls with Anderson Cooper which any half decent open source audio S/W can tell is two different people compared to other calls with him. Body doubles showing up being younger, slimmer, missing facial features, ears not matching. CGI appereances that GLITCH OUT during live transmission. I mean what the fuck is going on?
I always knew they'd do anything to push her through and her power trip knows no end but this is just beyond anything anyone could've ever imagined.
I hope she's alive and well and shows up tonight to get completely wiped off the stage so this circus can come to a landlside conclusion. Not that Trump is any kind of savior but he's got the right enemies and judging by how hard they're trying to silence him this is like the end of the road for the neo-con/new-left/owners of the country crowd.

Grey swan tonight in the debate, Clinton out, bond market vibrations starting tomorrow, rates up, prices down we go from there let's do this already.

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