Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Trump Trump Trump what is the score?

Before you call me a homophoic racist robber baron motherfucker
born on third base lets get something clear
I was down with Bernie Sanders
and I jumped for Joy
when Obama
was the standard
for hope and change
and I loved the liberals
and forgave
every flaw
and all teh conservatives
at the reigns
Micheal Ignagtiff
the count of liberal
distruction and 

I am all in on the Donald
because I have grey
hair and love squirrles
in fact I wrote a story
about a squirrel a billon
years old who becomes
a super soldier
and wins a Stanley Cup
with my team the 

I am in with Donald 
because I know
who Hari Seldon is
do you?
if you dont
shut the fuck up

I want a Trump presidency
because the nihilism side
of my idealism needs
some creative destruction
and Trump is a tree
where Nihilism has
found profitable 

Its like game of thrones
where the kid thrown
out of window
links with tree
and three eyed
crows control our
Trump is a three eyed
or a crippled kid
attached to a tree
I have not decided
but it makes no matter
he is not on HBO
he is real
and he is on TV
and you cant fake
that for decades
unlike Hillary
who just does guest
and has not been 
real since the space reptiles
replaced her early in 
Bills first electected office
for nobody
but a lizard wife
would accept
the constant 
made public
and just in general
if he is fucking
rockpiles with the
ferverant belief
there might be 
a female snake 
down there 
you gotta in 
the words of 
Dr Phill
just stop that
step aside

I am not all
holier than thou
and accept the fact
our leaders and the rich
have live in differant 
worlds than you and me
they never fall in love
and its all about
the fucking connections
to reach the top
but believe me
thats the false dichotomoy

When the world is your
oyster its really poison
thats why its in a clam 

We should all live life
on straight lines
thats what the Digital
Millimum Copyright
act signed into law
by Bill Clinton in 1998
is all about.
Citizens should not steal
and we should lock up anyone
who abuses copyright
even if they do not
know about the fact
their wireless has been
we cant take
no chances when
it comes to intellectuall
using the same princpla
as Dick Cheny
justifyin  invanding
for some corn cob
kid in the backwater
looking to see
the big world
the wolf of wall street
because as a matter of fact
his parents cant afford
cable and
legal copy
of a masterpeice
will likely be always
out of his reach

When I grew up a half a century ago
life was sweet
like thia stick 
on your birthday
jerking off to
all three
Charlies Angles
even though
it was a very
small CRT 
screen and you had
to time you movement
to the broadcast
cause there was no
vcr dvr or other
facility to do it
on your own time

If you wanted content
you went to the theatre
and watched the silver 
screen dance
If you wanted music
you went live or
listened on crude stereo
to the vylne crackle and pop
but the art came through
crystal clear
and we knew at 
the end of any caputrued
we had witnessed
a great victory
for me
me myself
and I and
the friends who
too the journey
to come to me
and not just 
text me instead

Now you know why
I am not on twatter
or Facewashbook
because I hate 
I hate bullies 
the most
and its so ironic
that technology
that its setting us
free has set in sandstone
which I hope we can erode
with good thought
for everything
free speech in 2016 
is a lost dream
because several generations
groomed in helicpoter
will never see the humour
in the trailor park boys
the review of that 
most funny tv
spectacle of all time
would be
Bubbles gets Crabs
his accomplices
rob a drug
but we will
hunt them
down and
break bubbles
glasses because
he can no longer
walk the streets of
any town
village idots
and eccentrics
are just nails
that need to 
be hammerd
because they
give people ideas
that you can live
by being 

See the above and you 
know what Ive done
its called shaping the 
cause I am going to 
attack you reader
with ideas
and tinfoil
and true
life and everythig
that lies between
life and death
in 2016

Shaping the battlefield 
is a military concept
that works will in civilian life
if you want to heard sheeple
give them a destination
they can reach 
with confidence
and then do it
all over again
for infinity

Every Empourer for all time
considered shaping the battlefield\
the most important
work to keep 
his vision on line

I dont want to bore
you drilling down
into history
I realize you maggots
have a short attention
and dont get me started
about how you are
all manchurian canditates
but you are
the only way I will
trust your truly is if 
your drivers lic
shows you with a
spatula upon your head

Wow man I was looking
at a Trump headline and
now we are talking about
spagetti whats with that

Without a moderator 
I got to respond
its a tangled weave 
of humanity that
if you wanted to 
represent it best
would look like
worms and snakes
eating there own tail
thus spaggiti and the founder
of Pastafainas chose
his images well
brillant and if there
is a God 
certainly earned 
him and me a life
time in Hell.

I am listening
to the beautiful
Tracy Chapman 
at this moment
and she just about
sums it up for all 
our human asperations
if I had a fast car
or in my case
a Gunboat Sailboat

Humans do not 
want to deal with
shit because we are
more intellegint
than dogs 
and what a better
life than just 
doing it outside

But dogs and 
men have such
an affintiy
you got to go
there to understand
we will drive
hard all the time
sniffing the lead
dog ass
you give a
dog to much
and he gonna bark

Now your in the frame
of mind to deal with
Donald Trump
Ok I need to say
how clever I am
your not reading
if you took
the logical 

Trump is Clint Eastwood
he is slider
in the Sting
he is barlam barly
circus without elephents
monkesy and just one
in the Kardashian world
he is everything
if those girls 
had a human
father it 
was Trump
cant explain
why they do 
not have squiirl

Squils survie tough winters
and when I see them
running arounf
my bedroom 
window I got 
to say the
guy chasing the 
girl is likely in love
and she is just one
of those hard to 
get personalities
that need to be

Trump Squirrlel hair for President
cause even if he has been
nuts for a long
he has caputured'
serious squirrel

I am just a man honey
and you are as the fact
assembled before me
the most beautifu
but Trump
has crossed the space
time contimum
and all his girls
remain about
the same age
and we need
to investigate
that because what
if you could remain 
19 forever
if Trump wins?

I see Hillary as some kind
of axesexual Chairman Mao
wearing Prado paints suits
filled with Kevlar

The thing about the
hippy generation
personfied by 
hillary and bill
is that sharing is
so retro
and giving people
a chance
is so no
adam smith
and changing 
well it would
lead to higher
cost to cut
the lawn

Yes your cutting my
no one says that anymore
but its the best way of
saying to anyone
I think you are a carbon 
producing two stroke
and we closed down all
the coal plants
and when your asshole
no longer emits
do not ask 
for medicare

I am going to be genours to Trump 
because if you search my blog
you might find
I thought he was the 
zone you would
target to find the biggest
American asshole

Nothing has changed in my
its just that throuhg
we have found
a new winner

Yes we are now in
this twisted narrative
back to Donald Trump

I have posted I 
dont know how many
times in the past
how well he
would be the 
poster boy 
for the American Asshole
he blew up that position
real good  for decades
and decadea
and no one

Now this 
mega egomacic
is running for 
but hey are
they not all
and he is just'
real for a change

Why I hate Hillary
and it was not because
she was the whipmaster
at my boarding school
but given her pediegree
its possible
She is like the keaner
who invented this term
and I always wonder
what motiveates
them keaners
to smell the sweat
of the underlingins
is the most 
genours evalition
i can bring

Ancient cilivizations 
can tell us aloot
for example the \
Chinese ruled
with an Empeour
and made many
significant ecomomic
military and cutural
advancements by
idendifiying youth
leaders and  cutting
their cocks off to serve
the empour
and we are not
100 years away from\
that rule and pundints
will say it worked
really well
for 6000 years
we cant discout
tht foreskin on 

Like Hillary mentioning
miss universe piggy
who ever man that
has not has his cock 
cut off would jump if
they were not married
and marooded on a desert
Island would jump
fat and all

I present at one time the
most magnicifent Trump
I do not think in any way
in any of his moments
of Napoleaon greatness
he has every considered
in any way
cutting off my cock
now contrast that with
my fears about Emperour
I have with Hillary.

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