Thursday, 29 September 2016

I can go several ways until the utimate greif

Yeah I am almost 59 
and my ex friends
are in obituraties
and I still
feel 19

But age is not glacial
you go to sleep one
day young
and wake
up old
and thats my
there unless
some great
DNA thearpy
is spread to this
over populated
just so it goes

Today I am really 19
in every way
except my face
looks old
but my body
is just a fat boy
from any age
and thats
the thing
no one knows
about aging
the body stays
young while the face'
ages and the hands
and I guess that
was just Gods
plan to keep us

But right now
I am in my prime
and do not want
to give in to 
the long game
to late to mature
I am a kid
always was
always will be
cause if you want
to be young
there is no
other song
to sing except
a head banger

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