Saturday, 24 September 2016

A day in the life Redu x 2016 fucked up edition

I woke up 
this morning and my mood altering 
drug made feel extrodinay
the diazapram or whatever had not worn
off that let me sleep through the horror
of the eight hours I missed

I did not comb my hair
or shave cause those
are optional these
days but
I did shower
cause not 
everyone loves
my stink
In fact It may only
be me

I cant get rid of the newspaper
its like a flyer for living
now that I have moved
on to reality
where I have no
and life is faster
all round
and I am pretty sure
I will end up as 
soylent green

I read the news
its all in Russian
cause thats the only
Pravda you get these days

The sports and news are all combined
Police 6 Blacks 4 another win for justice
in the USA

Dead bodies are cheap justice
the prisons are full
its shoot to kill to 
meat the commitments
of budget day

So many different sects 
of Islamic terrorists
we can not longer
keep track
they are all now Pokemon
and for that
we have an app

Its 150 degrees F
and a F5
super storm
just took down
a skyscraper
in perfect form
there will be no 
building 7 speculation
it fell just as the wind
speed predicted
and all the flying trash
it had a reasoned impact

In Miami the beach is underwater
once again and the council
consider renamimg
the geography
Miami wadding pool

The power is flickering again
because no one cares to invest
in the wires
and the power plants
are running out of steam
yeah we do not have
enough energy to 
keep our energy

On Tv we are watching more
big tits filled with silicone
revealed post cone
no one wonders anymore who
is being milked
but given the need
to feed at the screen
we have nothing

We have some superweapons
up for auction to the highest
and I hope they are doing heroin
because we need addicts
to prevent nuclear war

Superbugs are about to move
surgery to the dark ages
and hospitals are Zombie
and if you get sick 
your dead

Crop failure due to lack of diversity
means no cornflakes
and the GMO
have killed all the butterfly's and
the bees
so there is no pollination
except for the drama
queens with all their
feathers running through
the orchards
on temporary working permits
as lonf
as they dont strip

President Trump has launched
a moon shot to DNA
implant squirrel hair
on humans

I go to my job
giving blood
and DNA
to keep the elite
alive and it takes
a task out of me
but I get to eat
and consume
and that's
a real 21st 
century treat

We are dividing not multiplying
its tribal and its a lot of blood
to find the path back home
and if we do this
and I am sure we
could one billionare
not just leave a
titatium pyrmaid
warning the next civiliazation
to be human.

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  1. I am not thinking aboot anything like this really. We have had end of the world cults forever
    we are becomming Gods with our tech and I expect this will lead to a new golden age. I really consider that myself has lived in a golden age in every way,.