Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sitting here twiching cause I have nothing polictiacly correct left to do

Yeah Yeah Yeah
I am free
I make my own money
and I was never made
a monk
and unlike the Chinese
no one saw I was intelligent
pre pre pubitry
and cut off my cock
to make me a better
lifetime worker
who had no tools
to think about
the concept of

Thinking aboot
chemical and cognitive
and I have come to
the conclusion
they are the same
as cock guilliten
but without
the shock

I feel so floating
among the clouds'
of reality that
tell me I am fit
for combat in
this world
but when
I bleed a little
bit they give
me drugs
that keep
me fit
and now
I will decide
if your a good
this is better
living through

I keep on keeping on
as a radical element
hoping to enjoy the shw
but its not elementary'
in my existance
and maybe my half life
is not expotential
just the discovery
of freedom
that has
to be eliminated
at the fundemental
level of
human nature

Cause science has
we are not dolphins
we are not whales
we can be programmed
full time
till extinction

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