Tuesday, 16 August 2016

RIP John McLaughlin

I did not know until today upon his death and all the words and voices
speaking about the man that he was at one time a Jesuit Priest. Now do not rain scorn upon the Jesuits for their failings of the flesh, because as intellectuals
they are all good Fathers. John left the order and became a staple of the best of the talking heads using everything he learnt from thinkingaboot Jesus.

I must have watched from the orgins on PBS.  Though I often disagreed with him or the panel he gave thought an honest opening for discussion a half hour a week.
And it was directed thought. John would take the Kardassian out of the news and talk about what was important with people who knew the score.

Unfortunately there is nothing close in this universe to replace him. I do not say this as a tribute but as my admission that the fifth estate today is what you found in a pack of bubble gum in a prior age. Cardboard and only looking for increased sales and not even thinking about collectabilty.

If all the talking heads had John's intelligence and integrity both Hillary and Donald would be working their first elections for dogcatcher.

The world is less wiser today John RIP.

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