Thursday, 11 August 2016

Death in Strathroy

ISIS took out another one
a real useful idiot
and history has shown
its very easy to find
such human trash
and the internet makes
it easy to harvest
their smashed
lives with
cause the rage
they feel is real
and everyone
feels it today
the world is
so chaotic
and if there
is one
a proven
one like
Jesus that
can make
everything complicated
why not sign on?

Unfortunaley this young man did
not find Jesus
he went with Mohammad
the known pediphile
and courupter of great
with his brillaint
the Koran

I am not saying today
Mohammad would
be doing 12 year olds
but in my defence
millions and millons of
his followers are not
on the fence
and if you cant
see something
so unGoldly
in that
you dont
deserve to breathe
the air
your just biologial
we should harvest your
organs so they could
be put to a better place

I say again
and again
I have more or less
lived in Malaysai
Singapore and Indonesia
and these are modern
Muslim countries
with a few prickles
but no God fearing
pilgrims would be
assaulted living in thier
verdent fields

Its the dessert people
no doubt fueled
by water shortage
that like to twist
and shout
and make us
close our eyes
to war crimes
right in the tent
a camel
they breed disontent
cause they fucked their
sister and brother
and mother
and still
wanted more

Look all religions are
taking the best things
away from humans
that we ever had
Christians man
they invented whips
to keep you thinking
about sex
and as it turns out
that was a better path
narrowly than fucking
your daughter and your son
cause God told you
do some one
but the Priest
never got
the no
diddling message
so it all a fucking
mess with way
much to much
the only way to clean up the mess
is top make religion illegall
then all the drug cops
looking for work
could raid
prayer meetings

(Singapore is not a Muslim country but it handles ethnic problems in a hot zone brilliantly)

Kite runner is you think the world is not full of feces. We NATO people may have guarded these people as they went full dancing boy ritutual. All you people offened by everything. Dancing Boys should be top of your list.

Yet my tax dollars go everyday not in the thousands but in the billions
to prop up this shit. Get angry people, this is medieval funding that
should be history taught in school. Not a real event taking place every day
with Canadian Funding in place.

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