Monday, 6 April 2015

Why I want to go to Yemen

I would love to see these trees first hand. Right out of a Sci Fi movie but they are real.

Right now in Yemen there is a civil war of some kind going on. As usual for that Neighbourhood it is heavily influenced by the Sunni - Shia divide.

Couple of interesting things. First the rebel Shia got their hands on a full wars supply of equipment supplied to the former Yemen government by the USA. In a very similar scenario to what happed when Iraq kitted up ISIS. How many times do great hoards of US weapons have to accidentally end up in the wrong hands before someone concludes its no accident?

Secondly Hammas is fighting against Iran in Yemen. But Iran is Hamas's sugar daddy, so what is really going on with Hamas and Iran? Its really cool how two or more factions can be allies in one geographical area and combatants in another. This is true forgone policy compartmentalisation.

These two points to ponder alone reinforce my thinking that Canada has no business bombing folks in the Middle East. If for no other reason than no one can explain who is our friend and what is the purpose for our enemy?

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