Wednesday, 15 April 2015

There was a time

What you think your master looks like today. And ......

There was a time
when backroom deals
were filled with old fat white
men whose judgement was
respected and obeyed
despite the fact they 
sucked on a cancer stick
that filled the room 
with smoke so thick
that everyone in attendance
would have to testify
it was a decision made
by the Vinson impaired.

This went on for thousands of years
sometimes bloodletting interfered
but no matter who won
the final battle
humanity ended up
in the same room

Can you imagine Steve Jobs
in the middle ages
or even in Turkey
during WW1
he would have 
been slaughtered
by the Armien purges
or just some other lord
who could not tolerate
a smart ass

Today all that thought
is some kind of history
a battle goes on between 
reason and faith
and all the bad actors
who have ridden a 
perfect wave for centuries
are still controlling the break

Nevertheless the world is changing
so fast in history it
will be called
the F1 period
but its way to early 
to break out the Champagne
because the early
winner looks

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