Saturday, 4 April 2015

Itds closed bay and I can not shop so much

This is the horror movie of consumptin and I am in no way like Astohian
but his death surly  maant so much more than shopping 24/7 pretending to love Christ. Admit it you motherfuckers you love money and power and if Jeus stood in your way you would persroaally find a  contracter to nail gun him that way.

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  1. sometimes spelling is catiputain but your be the judge of Empiere and its serfes.Yeah thats you and me
    a couple of thousand years after the ERomAN Empirw I would have thought we could have done better.
    I guess after all our efforts the barbarines won. be scaed on some brute taking your head off with
    something faachined of wodo