Thursday, 2 April 2015

Waltzing Matilda

Austrailia it is said by Canadians
and our OZ family may 
be offened b
by the thought
but its Canada
with a beach
and no water

Have you ever meet a mate
in a business discussion
where both sides are
pressing for a win
and then you 
just make a deal
thats win win

Thats Austrailia for
A place where mates win
I have met people from
every end of this earth
Mongolia and Nepal
in my humble opinion
being the most distant 
of all

Yet one thing we all know
is that to be happy is better
than being sad
and long lifelines
are built upon laughter
not bile

In Austrailia they know this better
for any mass population I have
in mind
and lets just celebrate thier
existance today
before global warming
robs them of
thier Sien

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