Saturday, 4 April 2015

How much safe can we afford are we not better to safe or is it the other way around?

No one will argue that pro sports is the ultimate menstruation of capitalism
it makes people eat bread they could not afford
to reward something missing deep within their soiled
and I have identified that today
with careful analysis
it is victory
its is victory
it is victory
so certain
no grey areas
just total victory
of hero's
you have loved
for a long time
and to this day
despite all the attractions
feel deeply rooted with
because they sometimes 
bled for you
and they are very pissed
off when something goes wrong
and do things
that you would
never consider at work at home
but smile thinking someday
I could manage that crime
(not even thinkingaboot OJ)

We are crazy for sports because it is so black and white
like when white people where superior
and black people where here to serve
but now we know that every human
has great potential and in the struggle
with the MAN we should be 
all together

If I shine your shoes
and scrug the skidmarks out
of your delicate shorts IMHO
that should be danger pay
If I feel neglected and sell the 
scent to the animals
does that break our work
contract, ask 29?
Few remember Ken Dryden
was first and firmest
a lawyer:)
Sadly history notes
the leaning calm man
of sporting intelligence
combined with lighting flash
reflexes and a big frame
retired a champion and 
maybe he was seeking some 
Himalaya we do not know
but he joined the leaf
and no one in modern history
has a good record playing
goal in stopping leaf madness
and his post Carree record
recorded no shut outs 
if you consider being Locke out
of the executive suite one.

If I work killing animals 
to keep your beef fixation
then pay me a premium
fuck its dirty fifthly inhumane work
and I have PT SD as I should
if we want to eat animals in the future
it should be all robot slaughter
believe me in per venting
serial killers
this would be a best practice
if you do not believe me
watch Silence of the Lambs
Do not want to get into it
but goggle something about
the Japanese and slaughter
and casts and all the stuff
that make our human existence
just one big bonfire

everyone wants to be a world class
athlete, actor or polisher
on the last point
yeah I said Steve

These are all great things to do
but ask the people of Dobnesk Ukraine
how important they would
rate losing their KHL team
in the big scheme of things

In a village like Catalogued
before or at the time of the 
first century
things where simple
and as much as 
Ragonor Lothbrok was
a thinking man
he would have 
killed Conpicuros (Polish guy with telescope in movie)
for his telescope
and not even thought
about it as bad

The people,the humans that now run
they have the same mind
and it is not a stupid one
I can gain any advantage
in the future
for me right now today
I see an obstacle to my 
power and its
is the smart one

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