Saturday, 4 April 2015

Moving a very hard load or heavy object

i AM  JUST moving ont the possibitly of power. No matter how dark my night
I would behave just like any in a NIgerian Camp under fire from IsIS
AND just pray to God Harper is not re elcected for the good of hunanit
I know realt8uy your a serious peson and you will be glad to know
they made a TV series where I migtht be callesd bunge,
bUT IT all breaks down in reality, Like all the caps in my message
just failed keystrokes, no message execpt I am not an excellent typer.

I ask my self often would i be any more upset with jENN chetrien\
I hope i DO not have to answer anyone for saying
in the context of today
is pure insane.

Beat on the flaws on the leader
while this is  Steve Harper disaster
in Sinagaqpoe Lee Kuan yyEW
MADE it a successful  lifestyoe
for me it all comes down to 
and how high
wilil it blow my 
pathetic tent.

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