Friday, 10 April 2015

Carey Price SUPER MVP 2015

For years Sidney Cosby has owned the MVP trophy. If a NHL GM or one of million armchair deciders was picking one player to build a team around it would be Sid the Kid. In 2015 a new easy answer; Carey Price. No player in the NHL today is going to take a bad team and make it mediocre, a mediocre team and make it a playoff team, a playoff team and make it a Stanley Cup contender.

At age 27 Carey Price has worked all the yips out of his game. Thank God he is a Montreal Canadian and Bob Gainey was bold enough to use a fifth overall pick on a Goalie. Some including myself are very critical of Mr. Gainey for the Gomez disaster. However the Carey Price pick sweeps that forever under the carpet.

The only question remaining surrounding Carey's career is if he is the greatest goalie of all time. Remember goalies even the ones in the hockey hall of fame used to get routinely beat by wingers streaking over the blue line and letting go 60 feet from the net. IMHO the greatest goalies ever is down to a three finger handful of modern ones. Patric Roy, Domic Hasek and Carey Price.


* Just another point to ponder in 2015 the Ovie vs Sydney speculation
became after close to a decade of no drama a real story.

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