Saturday, 11 April 2015

No one cares about ideology anymore

Its like a star trek universe
where everything pre
warpspeed is just false
and the only wrapper
we can put around
the head
is power throght
and that prettuy sigmoiftcat
compared to lead

everybody get off the couch
and try to sing
ot sing baby
I love the planet
thats really my 
you know I love
you baby blue earth
a water jewel
in  a dry solar system
because if the eartyh
just goes away
I will be left in space
a place with no nation
worse than an a Africain Vacum
because no wet worker 
can last in a vacuu,m
no ,matter how bog
boggiliste teh host
maybe a big maN
WITH A few Nukes
or private rocets
that , make a lot of sense
win wwin wiente tadtes\t
tje  mushrooms
of the muind
like peyote
with crimals
in the brains
whoo whoo whooo
how to doooo dooo dooo due
I knwow\\\know know know know
but no one ever
asked mee

to perform on the
big T^
,au most popular element
in this universe

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