Sunday, 7 September 2014

Will the Scott finally be free?

Many centuries after William Wallace cried Freedom, the ballot is about to be cast. It looks like the Anglo Saxons will have finally met their match. The Anglo Saxon culture that was Great Britain was great evil. Every problem we have in the world today is their fault.  I am saying its most likely it would have better if the Kaiser had won world war one.  Lets just step over Hitler who would never have existed in such a change of poles shifting to get a better gain.

It was the British who invented concentration camps and Winston Churchill who had no computations about gassing civilian Kurds. It is the British who with Jack the Ripper invented the psychopaths. A legacy of war criminals is all they got. We all love Tony Blair and thus our total amazement that  GQ nominated him to a top spot..

So I hope for Scotland's Freedom and maybe Canada could follow as well. The Royal Parasites have lived well on my dime, WHY? I have no fear about Quebec, because I let love rule.

Is it synchronicity or circumstance or are the masters of art working
from a dark place? I referrer to the subject Outlander. This is a hypnotic Harlequin romance made for TV by the people that brought you Battlestar Galactica. I am a steel blooded all Canadian man. My idea of romance to to break the icicle off the roof before my beau is impaled  if she should venture from the front porch. To me that and keeping wolves from the door is love spoken naturally.

So for me to go gagaga for a feminine product should predict something.
This series is going to change lives. In Scotland I think it will push the yes vote over the edge.

Ed note: My rant is directed at the Anglo masters of the universe, not Shakespeare, The Beatles and the CLASH or the good folk in the hamlets.

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