Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Post fifty five sex

When I wake up in the morning
I still have a hard on
even at 55
I want to post this online
to prove I am still a man
my greatest tool
is still charged
cause at this point
that's about all I got
along with my full
head of hair
and yes the carpet
matches the drapes

No one wants my drill
24/7 and I have not
even in this internet age
managed to make a site
where my boner
meets a paying meat patty
that will allocate a credit dollar
for AM prime
I am like Joe Buck
not a Midnight Cowboy
but a Sunrise Hipster
Cause believe me ladies
after noon I fade
low T I expect
and I do not have
the cash or more importantly
the brains
to get that injection

My Shot is still harder
than many NHL Hockey Players
I have radar evidence to
back up this claim
and tons of plaster
chipped away
from every domicile
that has evidence
that I lived there

But I know
my shot will
not always be so
strong like bull
and gradually
the wrists will
go and the whole system
will collapse
and if I am lucky enough
once a week I will get a
sponge bath
I expect the worker
could see I was naturally sexy
would want to mount me
if the smell was not so old
old people smell
is not sexy

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