Monday, 1 September 2014

I like the fine stuff

I have fifty years of fine
and have no wish to decline.
So as I exist where can i comprise/
No never on sound
that is sacrosanct
our as the man knows
the last place we can hook
all these hippies

I have been an audiophile since
I was nineteen
and I bought my first serious system
I had lived through live
with a Sanyo component product
that in retrospect deserved a
heck of a lot more respect

My uncle bought it for me
and I suspect the origin of the species
was not playing on the 8 track,

So it is well established I like my sound
and vision
but that is falling and I do not care so much
people look much softer
and more beautiful
age spots
not seen one once.

With my first paycheck
from London Life
I purchased two
towering speakers form the
managlplayer corporation
a Dual turntable
and an the legendary
NAD 3020 amplifier.
This was 1982
and for all those tools
I still work with most
the speakers are so large
you would need a sitting room
to enjoy their discharge

So you know I like something about sound
and when I have my glasses on
video also
improves my aspect
but I am so old
I have seen so much
that a blurred image
it commissariats 
just as much
Just as the mind fills
in the missing brick
in a brick wall
I have to say to you 
I might make anything
but no matter what
I will struggle with you
to make mankind
live like modern Germany.

Full disclosure
the human body
can only take in so much
stuff as inputs
that make us
do things so ruff
And audio and visual warfare
had a discrete limit.

I bought a 29 dollar three
part 2.1 speaker system 
for  $30.
It gets the job done
I put it out by the pool
where sound  was not
on the ground
and the intercom
was pearl

The little system at 29
made me stand up
and give it some time.

What does this mean
to you if stereo
is not something you do?

Well the Chinese and I am not
being racist to say CHINK.

Thats an acronym for ChianG kIA SHEK
This guy if you had a guidebook had ab EGO
that would make MacArthur Douglas weep.
You kids go to know about his widow

This all happened at a time
when we forgave the Emperor
of Japan for all crimes
We were making big deals
big time
Deals that prevent the future
because they are cement in the past

Let me tell you about history
and because like me
you have a low attention span
and you grew up believing
God had his eyes on you
in the great plan 
that will turn this world
around or not leave
us like the Maldives
with a snorkel plan

How long can you live
in eighty degree water
seeking ninety four
I wish all fools
would know they are foolish
and for the intelligent ones
that pushed all their stupid buttons
I ask them
I that what it has come to 
when the world is threatened
and its time to lead

The pools and comment
and my trustworthy advisers
who should be perfect
given the million 
I gave them to succeed
all reassure
me that big mass
will miss earth
and we all will
to suck asteroid dust
in measure
both hard and soft
but that is the earth
we leave

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