Thursday, 4 September 2014

Post Labour day blues

Eugene Debs was a a real leader
who did hard and dangerous things
Everything the lower classes enjoys
in Anglo Saxon North America
was because he could
not be cowed
I took a pauser because of the weather
I was afraid
it would look
all clammy
on me

Maybe if I had antiperspirant
I could have preformed

There are many things in
our current toolbox
that could make
me serve
a burger to you.

Mother nature
never no mind
if you are comfortable
and well air conditions
I just ask you to consider a fact
as if one had passed your mind
and could find a location
where the message
would be relayed
in real time

From the time of the civil war until 1934
the people of America fought
for a five day week
an 8 hour day
and no children
in their way

What they won
is what we live with to this day
and its a case
where negotiation
is worth to the powers
that be
a quarter loaf.

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