Monday, 8 September 2014

Burning man and the simple thing connected to Davros

In the future the world will be decided
in a desert
that is the world in general
due to climate shock
but if you want to 
remove the dust 
from the clouds
you will be at black rock Mesa

So now the young gods
in their sithsuits
determine the path of humanity
will they do any better
than the old farts
who paved over 

Their is no way they could do worse
and maybe they know
not comming from 
the atmosphere
that we all 
need oxygen
to breathe
and take a breath
and look at every 
challenge not as 
some way to succeed

Time and measure 
can be accurate clocks
but we want to disrubte
the system 
or we are just fluffers
doing the walk

Is there an Apple Tree
I can not pick from
if I study hard 
enough the human

We are living on a river
and  no matter what
casltel is built
no matter how
hard into the granite
be its silts
it will be washed
away without a trace
given enough centuries
the only things that survive\
human times are beauty and art
and the ways one can deceive
and kill
and rise to the top of
a collapsing hill

The bulk of humanity knows
when the great migration reaches 
the river will 
have run dry

Yet the masters that be
spend all their days planning
for glory.

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