Thursday, 4 September 2014

I grew Up in Canada

Thanks for the recommendation.  I grew up in Canada and was about five years old when I heard  Gords Guitar pluck for the first time ribbons not steel but more forged with humankind to document a  black day in July. My parents opinion was like a sailboat ill equipped headed with no recourse into a hurricane.  The storms that bloodied America and never would subside would blanket Canada and we would have no choice but to abide.

Pierre Trudeau changed all that, he did not piss his pants when LBJ
raised him off the floor to make the point that Canada was pissing on his grass. Not Americas grass, no way, LBJ grass.

We did not know this at the time but Canada caught the vibe
we are fundamentally not Americans. Americans are a mutation 
of Anglo Saxons IMHO if you where to compare the strains
the English are ISIS and America is merely Al Queda or in most states
good ole Taliban

Maybe I am ill informed and prejudice
living in a conspiracy state
but nothing George Orwell
wrote about exceed
what now in real time
is the law in England
and the police are ever
massing willing and nocturnally tattooed
to drop the dime 
or a half penny
or even just a hunch
and if they make a mistake
justice goes out for lunch

Americans are cursed
to be at this moment 
so Anglo Saxon

What saved Canada 
from all this abuse
was the anchor
of modernity
that was Quebec
as the world accelerates
into camps
so steely eyed
the brain function
is robbed of the ability 
to decide
we will always have Quebec
a sensible place
where living is about
not some personality test
and accent evaluation
that determines
you will get as all the gamers know
extra life vests

Now we look at Norway
with envy
but did you nid
not know
they started
ther NEP
in 1996
and know they have
a trillion dollars 
in the old war chest
to be used for Norway
and every citizen
to make a better society
not some place with
exclusive freedom

If Brian Mulroney
had not defeated Trudeau
one does not have to speculate
Canada would have
about 4 Trillion Dollars
under account
and we would 
be the utopia
that Germamy and Austria
would be
if they had a single resource
upon which to plant a tree
that gave free fruit.

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