Saturday, 6 September 2014

War what is it good for?

War is the ultimate rule
when the supreme courts
are not satisfactory
War will make the factory

Humans are animals
and as hard as we try to deny it
or obfuscate the truth
our society is structured
like a great ape colony
thank god for our blessing
we are not ants
if is was an ant colony
we would not be digging that

The real Euros have long recognized the facts
human nature is a controllable act
Maybe the Vikings could not read 
or write
but they sailed and fought in a special way
and today they lead us not into combat
but into living in peace 
in a Nordic way
a proven model of what 
is lifes fobiels.
I speak of Finland and Norway
and little Denmark
huge Germany
and appositive Austria

Everything wrong in the world
is due to bad training 
during upbringing

Have we intelligence?
That is the line in the sand
that makes planning in real time
an art not a science
but it can be enhanced 
with understanding

People of great intelligence
are not always 
so great at life
and people of lower intelligence
are not always 
merely spice

Our leaders have to make
a community
where all intelligence
can operate
iron rule

The problem is the grey back syndrome
certain individuals are not happy
unless they rule everything
Sure there are many weak dudes
but we do not need
Grey Ape supermen
leading us
just because they
have their comic book
view of the world

Fact of life we are sheep and wolves
the great thing about science
is we can stop 
the wolves from eating the sheep
with some kind of food supplement
like trueblood.

This is Sparta
wow it would be great
to kick everything down 
the can
with great mussel
some kind of GMO

Have I mentioned I am a history major
stop with your derision
we are the best detectives
that really know

How did that 
happen and what 
will be the consequence below
no one thinks aboot those things
except history majors
whatever label they sew
on the epaulets
and that is what is wrong
with the world
people who want to kick the Germans twice
despite the treaty of Versailles
think they are experts 
in giving the world

War has wiped away
so much economic man years
I could give my findings
to a Doctor of Economy
and he would report 
back to the committee
I was lost in a cornfield
and I sold my watch 
to an individual
who told me 
for that price
exactly where I was
but despite that advice
I was nowhere close
to determining if growing
corn this season
was practical advice.

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