Tuesday, 16 September 2014

March of Democracy

In Ukraine the West has surrendered
to democracy
but ironically 
so has Putin

The rebels get some
and the nation stays intact
to fight and climb
to whatever heights
the citizens deem

Now granted in Ukraine
will not all of Russia
ask for the same
No more governs appointed
from the Kremlin
local representation
on the ground
making life local
for the citizens
who live in a village
and just want 
a white picket fence
good schools
honest cops
clean water
and sewage treatment
that does not smell

Step aside and up 
and out of your shoes
and your vision
should increase to 
Ukraine, Scotland, Iraq
these are visions
that connect with threads
to you and me

I live in Canada
in no way do I feel
its a democracy
The USA is worse
but we both share the curse
of money buying votes
and no real choice

My own beautiful
lush vision of Canada
is perturbed
we have every tool
but can not make
a wheel
Both regional and local
goverment are insane
but we pay big taxes
just the same

Good goverment is the key
to a sustainable
master living plan
a continuous uninterrupted corruption free
barn bee

There is no mystery to finding this
its just so many people are paid
fantastic sums
to keep the goverment plums
in the family

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