Monday, 8 September 2014

Janes Addiction

If you had to pack for a trip on an island
and could only bring essential things
above and beyond the nutrients
powders and pins
that would keep you alive
what culture would you bring
to the island
if you knew
it might be the 
last living thing?

Digital Media allows us to pack
above our punch
but those systems
are sure to break down
in five years
beating on hollowed logs
will be the bass sound

Maybe we might find 
a battery powered fender caster
Then play Janes Addiction
because they are the Beatles
on EStacy  instead of Acid
and due to that fact
they are closer
to our astral plane
than the fab four
who traveled on an 
exclusive track

The Beatles met Bob Dylan
but they did not share
with music
his thousand yard stare

Jane's Addiction
is the Beatles
had they 
been self aware

I never heard of Jane
until I did a tour
of Japan

They are samurai
and we should
all be Ronin.

"I need a car with some push" one of my all time fav movie quotes.
Ed note: Jane's Addiction are the new Beatles we have been waiting for.

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