Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Do I suck and blow whishing for Scottish Independance?

When it comes to Quebec I see the elephant in an entirely different way. To keep the cognitive dissonance from the door I implore some defense of my position.
British Torys are ISIS while the current Canadian tea conservatives are merely Taliban. Canada has a long history of true Federalism. The roots of white Euros are not deep in Canada. PET was our PM and his son Justin seems to be carried along by a true democratic wave to be the next one.

I have to say and is that poor writing in every way. I would not mind a independent Quebec in an EU type open border establishment. In fact I think it would be good for the world. I would miss the hockey players most, other than that its not burnt toast. Harper has proven that democracy is just a kabuki play in a first past the post theater. So if we cant have electoral reform how about we have all our provinces with their own throne. I want to shake of the shackles of Alberta Oil because it makes us intellectually lazy. Ontario should look to Singapore and Taiwan to make us forget the sneer of the oil MAN!

Ed Note: Much of Singapore's wealth is generated by a symbiotic and medieval relationship with the Sultan of Brunei, who derives his wealth from a very few oil wells.

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