Tuesday, 4 March 2014

We need a universal DNA database

Lets start with Canada. The cost of violent crime in Canada is pegged at $8 Billion dollars a year. More than half that waste is sexual assault. If every Canadian and every visitor to Canada had their DNA on record imagine the impact on crime.

The logistics of tracking visitors could be problematic.  To start just take a swab and bag it. If evidence points to a visitor go back and do some matching. Likely just knowing DNA was on file would deter most from placing theirs in the wrong place.

The second huge benefit would be medical. Matches for bone marrow and other procedures would be instant. I also advocate that every legal resident of Canada who has a drivers licences must be a organ doner. Babies with genetic defects or probable development issues would be identified at birth. For Juvenile diabetes and celiac disease this would be a godsend. I am sure there are countless other remedies that would do great things for the healthcare system if every baby had a profile and a treatment plan.

How to protect the system from abuse. Keep the records under medical supervision. If the database is to be accessed for a crime a warrant must be issued. Only positive matches can be revealed, no fishing for relatives. Access to the database would be standalone, no internet access. A request must be sent to the repository and a limited number of staff would do the search. I would even change the Charter of Rights to address this privacy need and lay out huge penalties for abuse for any reason including national security.

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