Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ignore the sweaty parts

She had dozens of suitors
and one could extrpolate
in a well defined way
that meant millions of men
wanted her in an old school way
Men are dumb when it comes to picking
the right one.
Maybe we should say
its a two on one
against a difficult goalie
Love rules
there has to be that spark
that chemical reaction
when reality hits 
the sweaty parts

There is no choice to build
upon passionate foundations
for if we never trusted
we would never have invented
a central bank.

Male and Female
are like oil and alchool
one powers you up
the other papers over
being down.
women like the flames
and look at the world
as birthing farm.
Yes there are some
cold hard beauties
that inhabit every 
kind of news
but at the core
women are mothers
and they will
defend their cubs
no matter what the score
and if legistlation
would make all children
equal most women 
would vote for that
despite the fact
it might make 
goldman sachs
have an abortion.

1 comment:

  1. I want I want those sweaty parts
    take away the scents
    and the makeup
    look at a women
    just stark
    If thats what you
    want I love you
    everybody is ugly
    no one is without a
    I wish Hollywood and the advertisers that breed
    would stop saying
    if we are not perfect
    we should not succedd
    success at at a star
    level based upon
    the ability to make
    a Photoshop face