Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Electric Car Success Story

There is no denying the Cadillac ELR produces automotive salvation.The ELR is a well dressed Volt. The fact is customers are paying a huge premium for a pretty face and nice body.  It cost nearly double a Volt and roughly the same as the acknowledged best car in the world the Tesla Model S.  Off the line its zero to sixty is on par with a Honda Fit. Despite its mediocre performance this car is a game-changer. Its a must have for the must havers.

If I had the money I would buy it as is. However I have to wonder why Cadillac has not learned from the Cimmaron. Fortunately the Volt is an impressive car, but the principle is still the same, putting lipstick on a pig. Honda has developed a plug in Hybrid that does not need a transmission and offers power train performance and sophistication. The Honda also uses lots of aluminum to lighten the load and compensate for the weight of batteries.

Its totally understandable to stick with the volt platform. But I have to wonder why not use the ATS platform, or even Corvette platform? Why not go all in and have an aluminum or carbon fiber body. If they can sell a Vette with carbon fiber and aluminum for $60,000 why cant they do the same for a Cadillac that sells for $80,000?

The biggest weakness of the ELR is the cast iron block economy car engine. At the very least they could run it on a Stirling cycle.

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