Monday, 10 March 2014

KPK Separistits

This has to be the greatest betrayal in human history. Also I hope an example of hubris gone gold.

he book on Karl as I see it is he was born on third base. He is running for a pop up fly and falls on his face. This guy is so out of touch with reality it will be super to watch. He is Rob Ford without crack or peeing in the park. Believe me now and I tell you later his character is going to be explosive.

There is no way Quebcor or any of its arms should get one ore cent of Federalist Government Money for advertising, hockey teams, etc as long as it lines Karls pockets. In a real sense that is funding the separation of Canada.

Has anyone considered this is a billionaire tired of lashing out at hired help and just want to take it to the next level? He is logical thinking, because the electorate puts up with way more than a hired employee.

Bottom line Dear Leader, this is your Guy, fetted felt and not quite there for the Orgasam of a New Norquie in Quebec city.
So the conservatives are in bed with the separatist cause they have written off
Quebec. Thats a national unity platform only Preston Manning could love.
I cant speak French, I have had no relations with Quebec since I kicked the glass out of
the old fourm before an English concert of David Bowie,
What the spinmasters want you to see is how
your tribe is relevant with the Quebecosy
Even if you ask this question your stupid.
Diversity, some other view
some look at life
that is not anglo saxon
belief in good goverment
by individuals
Many flaw in Quebec
Many flaw in Canada
Bind these flaws to
create some kind of
European synergy
Are our kids to stupid
to speak bilingualy
In Europe every kid
speaks English
and likely a third launguea
I hope Quebec never leaves
but now I have to admit
with rednecks in the lead
its a possiblity.
And will they not be so proud
at taking what used to be one
of the greatest nations in the world

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