Saturday, 22 March 2014

Doing wrong and doing right

For the G8 what is the best line on Crimea. No body, I mean no body buys this Crimea is Ukraine and we will die for this land buzz. In fact Ukraine pissed into the wind and tugged on Supermans cape to get where they now are. Very similar move that Georgia made and how did that turn out?

I am not defending Putin though he seems more best practices oriented than George W Bush. The Crimea has never been a mess, like the middle east or other intractable border things. It pretty clear Ukraine egged on by the west neocons did a crazy video thing. Hey look at me I have no understanding of the way the world works and now I will demonstrate it and ask the world to pay billions to patch up my mistake.

We can not fix things. No the boots on the ground who are living there have to have a plan and then we can help. In Ukraine this plan is to poke the bear and harvest the shit neocons rain down.

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