Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Connecting the dots paints a picture of great decay

Humans are inherently bi polar, smart enough and armed with self actualization skills to accept there is a dichotomy between reason and faith. Faith is marketing reason is product. Every person with the least bit of critical thinking ability will ask themselves why I am a here. Those who ask themselves the question instead of  accepting being told they are here to serve some kind of sky god have to move on to harder and more personal questions. First one is why am I not rich and powerful. Thats when the critical thought becomes hacked by the sky god faith.  You were not worthy is not the reason.  Self doubt is the addiction the faith junkies use to hook you. Life is a competition. There is a science to that. Some people have more skills and tools than you do.

The real reason is you failed to capitalize on your strengths and play politics like risk rolling the dice with authority. If you examine the rich and powerful DNA it all goes back to some fish hut or farm where life and death decisions were made every day. Great Warriors became great leaders. So why did Hulk Hogan never become president of the United States?

Because the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. No man is an island, and there is no saviour. Those who overcame the lizard brain with compromise and a search for the truth soared for a time. Astonishment is an antidote for the lizard mind. Our nature is defy these truths. These are animal spirits that exist in our DNA and can not be expunged  by truth, Think about it as an operating system, yes thank the sky lord we now have the ability to think we could all be sims.

Flight or fight is at the core of our basic programming. Those species that figured out how to exist in this environment survived. No matter how many Tony Robbins tell you different, all they are offering is some way to hedge this programming to your own purposes. Having bettered  a better software system does make you more competitive. The problem is can your hardware handle the load?

So now we exist in a world were most of humanity is living on OS 5 with a OS 1 or less processor. Long before warriors realized ones and zeros would secure the future the best realized, physical combat is a fools game. They used science to secure their position and faith to defeat enemies and out of that hybrid that should of been aborted was born the modern state.

Code does not work if the ones and zeros do not have a critical mass of operability. Bugs and errors and denial of service are the bugaboos that we face.
Right now right here we live in a world that maybe and I believe in certainty
we have given the math a face wash.
People are paid millions not to understand math
and the schools get a bonus for
turning out people that
could not cross the street
without the goverment hash marks

The appeals to the tribe
and the divide and conquer
faith based fill
in the weld of humanity
has been powered up by lasers
and electromagnetic rail guns
that can blow stuff up real 
good with less energy
than our grandfathers ability to
focus with gunpowder plans.

I read every day about outbreaks of disease
for no reason
It seems those scientists doctor defying mothers
have decided
that keeping their babies free of autism 
means taking a vaccine
is just asking for Jobs paradise.

Then we come to guarsasol or the anthrax vaccine that
severed all those gulf war troops so well.

Best argument for communist
is science was science and
commerce would take a back page.
Not saying communism was swell
but you have to know its never been
practised very well.

The Japanese civilization broken down
is thousands of years of existence
and the Chinese evern more than that.

I wonder myself when the fourth or fifth cycle of
the walking apes domain went
down were the Asians 
so far out of the blast radius
we now say they are ancient
and lame.

 If you wake up every day with a coffee
you should be shocked
history is moving faster
than your daily commute
The future of the world 
rests on you decision upon
who should captain this ship
on a world we have destroyed
we are going to be at sea
for a time only a god  could decide.

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